A fountain in dungeon Covetous

Finding a fountain can be a the savior of a party striving to survive in the dark depths of a dungeon. They can have different effects; some of them beneficial, some of them unpleasant. Unfortunately, you don't know what kind it is without drinking.

In Ultima III, fountains could have four effects:

  • "Ah! That's nice!" - Cure poison
  • "How wonderful!" - Heal all damage
  • "Yuck Horrible!" - Poison
  • "Argh! Blah! Yuk!" - 25hp of damage

In Ultima IV, fountains could have five effects:

  • "Ahh-Refreshing!" - Heal all damage
  • "Hmm--Delicious!" - Cure poison
  • "Bleck--Nasty!" - Acid deals 100hp damage
  • "Argh-Choke-Gasp!" - Poison
  • "Hmm--No Effect!" - Merely water or no change caused by its normal effect

In Ultima V, fountains could have three effects:

  • "Healed!" - Heal all damage
  • "Bad taste." - Random damage
  • "Poisoned!" - Poison

During Ultima V they were only found in the dungeons Wrong, Covetous and Deceit. After that age, magic fountains became rare and were seldom found.

In Ultima Underworld, a healing fountain could be found in each of the three first levels of the Abyss.

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