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For-Lem, from Ultima VII
Species: Gargoyle
Ultima VII
Location: Vesper

For-Lem is a wingless gargoyle living in Vesper.

When meeting him first in Ultima VII, For-Lem spoke about his job. He mainly was occupied with writing down the history of the gargoyles for future generations. He said proudly that even before the time of the False Prophet, there was much interesting gargoyle history. However, he added sadly that many of the younger gargoyles were no longer interested in the lessons of the past. He also spoke about the bad climate in Vesper with all the racial tensions, while speaking highly about his friends Lap-Lem and Ansikart.

Later, after some searching, the Avatar found Catherine listening to For-Lem's stories at noon-time. For-Lem begged the Avatar to not tell her parents, and the Avatar could promise to keep the secret.


  • For-Lem translates to "Strong One" in Gargish.
  • Should the Avatar tell Yvella anyway, then her husband Cador will lynch For-Lem.