Fish, from Ultima VII manual.
Variants: Predatory Fish
First appearance: Ultima VI
Last appearance: Ultima IX

Fish are one of the main sources of food in Britannia, Serpent Isle and Pagan, as they are encountered almost everywhere in natural bodies of water. Fishing can be a relaxing hobby - or a demanding profession.

Fish can be found in the games in many forms, alive and dead, raw and prepared. The Gwani of Serpent Isle like dried fish, and offer it to the Avatar as a food item.

Fish can be first found and caught in Ultima VI. Even before that, Sharks could be found. In Ultima IX, we met another sort of fish, the Predatory Fish.


This generally harmless water-breathing creature can be found in abundance in the seas, rivers and lakes of Britannia. It greatly contributes to the local food supply.

The Book of Fellowship

Fish are nothing more than food from the rivers. While some contend that larger members of the species oft times display a fair amount of intelligence, I have yet to know one serve better than on my plate.

Beyond the Serpent Pillars

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