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Fire Wand

The concept behind the Fire Wand is the same as that of the Firedoom Staff: A weapon that enables non-magic wielders to employ flashy, destructive magic. Introduced at the time of the False Prophet, the Fire Wand proved to be a devastating weapon, but was still far weaker than the Firedoom Staff. Its other disadvantage is that it has only a limited number of charges, so the user must be cautious not to empty the Wand too quickly.

In Ultima VI, these wands could only be found as loot, but were one of the strongest weapons in the game, apart from devastating spells. This still held true in the time of Ultima VII, but their strength had lessened a bit. Several were said to be in the dungeon Shame; Alagner of New Magincia is also said to have one.


This wand fires a bolt of flaming death. According to all known texts on the subject, the carnage was called "amazing."

- from Alagner's Book of Marvelous and Astonishing Things (Ultima VII)