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Magic Ability: none
Bonus: big STR

The Way of the Fighter

As one approaches Jhelom, the island home of Britannia's fighters, the clang of steel and the cry of men-at-arms perfecting their trade becomes unmistakable. These fighting men, the finest in Britannia, can be found throughout the land, in the employ of some noble lord, or perhaps engaged in an adventure on their own right. Through their unmatched Courage, these warriors further themselves in the virtue of Valor.

The fighters of Britannia are masters in the art of armed combat, and can competently wield any of the arms forged throughout the land; although, the double-edged sword, a truly fearsome weapon in the hands of a skilled master, is their preferred tool. Years of training have strengthened their bodies to such a degree that no armour is beyond their abilities, and the wise, or at least wealthy, warrior chooses sturdy chain or plate to protect himself when danger is present. Confident in their abilities and arms, some warriors choose to forsake magical enchantments all together. They posses a particular affinity for horses, for the noble Valorian steed has been bred for generations on the same soil these warriors call home. They are a fitting companion for any adventure into the farflung realms of Britannia.

Fighters are among the Older Professions.

In Ultima IX, the fighter receives +5 Karma, a scimitar, and a map of Valoria as a starting bonus.


  • One of the most famous fighters in Britannia is Geoffrey.
  • Syria of Jhelom is also a famous fighter. However, she has some trouble with following virtue.
  • Master De Snel was a fighter, before committing treason to the virtues by first working for the Fellowship as an assassin and then training all future assassins while corrupting the fighters of Jhelom.


From the town of Jhelom hail the mighty Fighters. They pass their lives in training and have the use of all weapons and armour, though most prefer the double-edged Britannian sword, a devastating weapon in the hands of a skilled fencer. Fighters have little or no magical talents, for they believe only in the use of arms and fear that magical training saps the will and concentration of a true warrior. They possess a particular affinity for horses, and are most useful companions on travels to uncharted regions.

- from The History of Britannia (Ultima IV)

In the isolation of the Valorian Isles, Valorous fighters are trained in the arts of battle. Strong and fearless, the fighters of Jhelom can overcome any known foe. They are trained in all weapons and they show dexterity in all armour. Most fighters prefer the sword or bludgeoning weapon, for they have the strength to wield the heaviest two-handed sword and do extreme damage with it. Often found fighting beside the best of Jhelom are the paladins of Trinsic, the fierce rangers of Skara Brae and the humble shepherds of New Magincia. Although fighters enjoy the advantages of magic, they do not practice it and seldom show any tendencies of talent in that direction. They do show an almost magical intuition about animals; no people train horses or out think monsters better than fighters.

- from Book of Lore (Ultima V)

Many celebrated fighters are trained in the art of combat at Serpent's Hold. There are, however, a few warriors of humble origin who have not the benefit of such training. These acquire skills on the field of battle, earning high acclaim for heroic deeds of valor. The true value of a fighter is found not in his training, but in his heart; it is exemplified not in his knowledge, but in his accomplishments.
The fighter typically possesses great strength and endurance, complements to his natural instincts and boundless courage. His proficiency with many weapons makes him a walking arsenal, everready for battle. The fighter prefers to mount his attack from the front line position, a strategy which well serves his inclination to wield mighty bludgeoning weapons and lethal two-handed swords.
As a novice fighter grows in experience, his strength and dexterity naturally increase, allowing him to employ more effective combinations of weapons and armour. Enjoying the company of rangers and paladins, the fighter should likewise associate him self with a mage or a bard who can supplement his great physical attack with long range weaponry and the tools of magic.

- from Compendium (Ultima VI)


Those warriors wishing to join our number should be prepared to satisfy the qualifications of our fighting society, the Order of the Crux Ansata. Prospective Knights should have spent their lives in martial training and have the use of all weapons and armor. The Order has particularly found the double-edged Britannian sword to be a devastating weapon in the close quarters of the Abyss. Horses are impractical in our surroundings, and we have no facilities to feed or stable mounts, so leave your steeds behind. The Order's custom is that engaging in magic is only a waste of energy for fighters - Knights leave spell-casting to the mages.

- from Memoirs of Sir Cabirus (Ultima Underworld)

Many Britannian fighters receive formal training in the martial arts at Serpent's Hold, and in return they serve for a specified term as members of the Royal Militia. Some fighters study in Jhelom or with other trainers across Britannia. Other fighters never receive any formal training. Their unforgiving teacher is the battlefield, where many lives are lost when lessons are not mastered quickly enough. Fighters generally possess great strength and endurance, a proficiency with many types of weapons and the courage to face the demanding trials of combat time and time again.

- from The Book of Fellowship (Ultima VII)

Fighters devote themselves wholly to all forms of the art of physical combat: unarmed fighting, hand-to-hand weapons and missile weapons. Their power over others consists in their unparalleled excellence in the manipulation and application of physical forces.

- from A Safe Passage Through Britannia (Ultima Underworld II)

The world beyond the cities - and sometimes within - can be a violent place. Many monstrosities indigenous to the Serpent Isle have a bloodthirsty hatred for humans, and even some non-sentient plants have lethal forms of protection. Fighters take up arms and armour to do battle with foes both natural and otherworldly. Some warriors travel great distances to receive proper training. Others learn directly upon the battlefield of life. Fighters discover early the importance of strength, agility and perception, else they die. Skilled with many weapons, fighters compose the bulk of the adventure-minded population and are often the protectors of entire communities.

- from Beyond the Serpent Pillars (Ultima VII Part Two)

The Major Professions
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