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U5 Farthing

Map of Farthing

Farthing, a fortress erected on an small island south of Jhelom by Seggallion, who wanted to make it his home until he could find a way home. Surrounding himself with trustworthy people, Seggallion started to study the stars to find an answer to his question of how to return home. By Ultima V he had given up on doing so, and gave the Avatar his spyglass after being asked for it. Shortly later, the starting collapse of the Underworld sank the island together with the keep, again making Seggallion homeless.


In this isolated manor, far to the southeast of Skara Brae, resides a retired old sea dog named Lord Seggallion and his eccentric companion, known (at least among those who dwell in Farthing) as the Great Mage Temme. Though she might seem but a proud charlatan, she actually has some innovative ideas concerning spells of disappearance that are well worth listening to.

- from Paths of Destiny (Ultima V)

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