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In the Void

The Ethereal Void, also known as the Vortex, is an all-encompassing celestial framework within which the cosmos is bound.

It has been a major presence throughout the Ultima series, enveloping its many worlds and dimensions and drawing vast power from the life-forces of each. Superficially, it is perhaps best described as resembling outer space, yet entirely habitable to forms of life. A higher plane of existence, the Void cannot be reached by physical travel; it is permeated by magic and accessible only by such means. Nevertheless, a number of beings, objects and artificial constructs find their places in this astral domain.

The Ethereal Void was first encountered in Ultima IV, by way of the Shrine of Spirituality. Similar instances followed in Ultima V and Ultima VI, with the Void taking on its familiar appearance in the latter title and finding itself host to the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom at the conclusion. In Ultima Underworld II, a vastly different form of the Void was traversed, consisting of blue, orange, red, yellow and purple zones. Arguably, its most significant appearance came in Ultima VII Part Two, wherein it formed a substantial portion of the lore and, upon the restoration of Balance to Serpent Isle, served as the stage for the Guardian's abduction of the Avatar to the world of Pagan.

Following this event, the Ethereal Void featured in Ultima VIII as a hub to access the respective domains of the four Elemental Titans, all of whom the Avatar was to defeat.

In Ultima IX, the Avatar returned to the Void to restore the desecrated Shrine of Spirituality.



In generations past, the features of the ethereal void were known to its travelers as the shapes inside one's house. In the bosom of ether could be found a spiritual weightlessness that cleansed the mind of its many and tiny woes. The assumptions of our world sag outward in the void to link the past with the distant, to connect Old Sosaria with the worlds of tomorrow. In the void, one travels as if by thought, yet sees neither friend nor foe. For the uninitiated, a journey through the void can change one's view of life itself.

With the collapse of the Moongates, however, this retreat has closed. None can pass through the them and into the void. From the befouled Sacred Shrines spills an ether barren of magical purity. Without this pure ether, there is no magic. Without this special link with the void, Britannia has become a barren station.

- from Journal (Ultima IX)


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