Emp, from Ultima VII manual
Only appearance: Ultima VII

Truly peaceful beings, Emps are simian creatures living in the Silverleaf trees of the Deep Forest. Extremely attuned to nature and all life, Emps do not eat meat, favoring a vegetarian diet and possessing a weakness for honey. Emps are quite intelligent and can be loyal friends if someone manages to gain their trust.

Emps are found in the Silverleaf tree grove of the Deep Forest in Yew.

The Avatar only encountered the Emps in Ultima VII in the Emp Village. They were mentioned in Ultima VII Part Two by Lord British, who told the Avatar that they had fallen into a deep sleep as a result of the imbalance. It is unknown what happened to them afterwards.


This extremely peaceful creature lives in the forest. It shuns violence to such a degree that it is doubtful it will want to have anything to do with any humans it comes into contact with. Some emps possess a remarkable degree of intelligence and magical capability. Emps are so named for their empathic abilities. So sensitive are they to the pain and discomfort of other living things that they subsist on a diet of such foods as milk and honey.

The Book of Fellowship

Notable examples

  • In Ultima VII, all the Emps the Avatar meets are interesting persons, after convinced to speak with a bribe of honey. Trellek is the most important one, since he gives the Avatar the whistle to call the Wisps.
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