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Inside the monastery Empath Abbey

Situated on the northwestern part of the britannian main continent, northwest of the Deep Forest and Yew, Empath Abbey stands as a building symbolizing the principle of Love. While once a fortress, it is now a monastery of the Brotherhood of the Rose, where their monks teach of love, while humbly dedicating their lives to enrich Britannia. It is a place, where the traveler is always welcome.

The monks are also known for making the best wine in all of Britannia (and for using quite a bit for themselves). Near the monastery are two places of interest: the big Graveyard of Britannia and the Knight's Bridge Field. Empath Abbey is also known to house the Eternal Flame of Love and the Candle of Love, two items of symbolic significance. As long as Empath Abbey stands, love and compassion will shine in the world.


Empath Abbey was built before Ultima IV. Back then, it was still a castle, but had a small oak grove inside. The oak grove vanished by Ultima V. It was there, where one of the Shadowlords was destroyed by the Avatar by casting its shard into the Flame of Love.

Empath Abbey was changed by Ultima VI. The fortress was converted into a monastery, with all fortifications removed. Also, a graveyard near Empath Abbey was built, while buildings appeared around it, to house the facilities that had been removed.

By the time of Ultima VII, Empath Abbey hadn't changed much, however, the graveyard had been expanded, while some nearby buildings were erected.

In Ultima IX, Empath Abbey was destroyed by the Guardian, replaced by the Cathedral of Love in Britain. The ruins still housed the Candle of Love, guarded by a monk. The Avatar had to retrieve it from the ruins. The new location of Empath Abbey was considerably different than what was seen previously in the series.


Nearby is the spiritual centre of Britannia, the famous Empath Abbey. Within these hallowed walls, wise men and women study the ancient writings of past Masters, and meditate upon the Great Principles that govern the universe. A good meditation, focusing on a proper Mantra, will sometimes yield valuable visions to those whose patience and powers of concentration are strong. The experience is worth sampling.

- from The History of Britannia (Ultima IV)

Nestled quietly against the sheltering trees of the Deep Forest, just southwest of Yew, this cloister of Love lies open to all of good heart. Here, by the shores of the calming sea, the sisters and brothers of Empath Abbey retreat to meditate, growing ever nearer to understanding and answers that will benefit us all.

- from Book of Lore (Ultima V)

Home to the Brotherhood of the Rose, Empath Abbey serves as a retreat for those engaged in contemplation and reflection. Flanked by the oaks of the Deep Forest on one side and by the sea on the other, the Abbey sits as a lighthouse of peace in the northwestern region of Britannia, near the town of Yew. Well schooled in the vintner's craft, the brothers and sisters of the Abbey produce some of the land's finest wines, thus assuring their financial security and sustaining their monastic lifestyle.

- from Compendium (Ultima VI)

Their only remaining link with outside civilization is Empath Abbey. The Abbey has assumed responsibility for the court of Yew as well as its prison. Many travellers to Empath Abbey come to visit the graves of loved ones at the nearby graveyard.

- from The Book of Fellowship (Ultima VII)


Ultima IV[]

Map of Empath Abbey in Ultima IV

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Map of Empath Abbey in Ultima VI

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