Editable Codex

In the Emp Village

The Emps of Britannia live in Emp Village, situated in the eastern reaches of the Deep Forest. The village is built around silverleaf trees, with huts built into the tallest of the trees.

The Emps of the village are quite shy and only reluctantly open up to strangers. However, a small bribe in the form of honey helps to quicken the process considerably. Once their trust is gained, the Emps are quite talkative people, revealing a high intellect. They also have a deep connection to nature.

However, in recent years the village came into great danger because of the skyrocketing demand for Silverleaf Meal, a food that resulted in many of the trees being cut down. Only the interference of the Avatar prevented it from becoming worse. It is however unknown if the Emps had survived the crisis of the Teleport Storms, where they had all fallen into a coma as a result of the growing imbalance.