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Elizabeth, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII

Elizabeth is, together with Batlin and her twin brother Abraham, one of the founders of the Fellowship.

Very little is known about her, apart from that she met Batlin ten years before founding the Fellowship. Also, Danag in Buccaneer's Den dislikes her and, in the presence of the small Cube, says she is "a royal she-bitch and will murder thee at a moment's notice." Elizabeth is officially wandering between the branches and promoting their philosophy, when not leading with her brother the branch in Buccaneer's Den, but in reality, she kills their enemies.

She always eluded the Avatar until the very end of Ultima VII, where she died in the battle at the Black Gate. During her career she is known to have killed at least one person: Alagner.


  • The characters of Elizabeth and Abraham are another shot at Electronic Arts - otherwise known as EA.
  • Elizabeth and Abraham save the Avatar's party if they die during Ultima VII. They transport the party to the Fellowship-run poorhouse in Paws. This happens even if they were the ones trying to kill the Avatar!

The way they move through Britannia can be confusing, here the re-construction of their path with additional notes:

    • They wait for Hook and Forskis at the docks of Trinsic to return from the murder site, then set sail for Britain. Later, Gargan tells the Avatar of their destination.
    • Batlin tells the Avatar that they have moved to Minoc.
    • They murder two gypsies in the sawmill of Minoc, then move on. Elynor tells the Avatar later, that they've moved to Paws.
    • Feridwyn says that they've moved on to Jhelom.
    • In Jhelom, mayor Joseph says that they've already returned to Britain.
    • Batlin now says that they have moved to Vesper.
    • In Vesper, they try to establish a Fellowship branch, but with little success. Mayor Auston later tells the Avatar that they've moved on to Moonglow.
    • Speaking to Rankin in Moonglow reveals, that they've already moved to Terfin.
    • Quan of Terfin reveals to the Avatar, that they've moved to the Meditation Retreat.
    • Jan at the retreat tells the Avatar, that they've went to Buccaneer's Den.
    • Their trail went cold on the isle, but they went to New Magincia, to murder Alagner.
    • They then retreat to the Isle of the Avatar (revealed by Danag with the small cube) and their ship is found there. They wait for the Avatar there for the final battle.