Elena is the reagent seller of Minoc in Ultima IX.

The Avatar found her in her tent after Blackthorn had left. She cursed her fellow gypsy, Irina, calling her a hussy who believed she could do whatever she wanted because her father was Laszlo. When asked about the sigil, she said she wished she had it, solely because she could sell it for a lot of money.

She was the only vendor in Britannia, apart from the guild, which sold mandrake root. However, her prices were inflated until the Avatar repaired the Shrine of Sacrifice, causing a change in atmosphere in Minoc.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Sometimes a bug causes her to not enter her tent, and thus not open her shop.

Goods[edit | edit source]

Potions Pre-Cleanse Post-Cleanse
Invisibility 750gp 550gp
Water Breathing 375gp 275gp
Mana Recovery 330gp 220gp
Invulnerability 1125gp 825gp
Cure Poison 225gp 165gp
Infernal Armour 750gp 550gp
Heal 225gp 165gp
Reagents Pre-Cleanse Post-Cleanse
Black Pearl 300gp 220gp
Blood Moss 210gp 150gp
Garlic 150gp 110gp
Ginseng 150gp 110gp
Mandrake Root 675gp 500gp
Spider Silk 150gp 110gp
Sulfurous Ash 150gp 110gp
Spell Scrolls Pre-Cleanse Post-Cleanse
Cure 375gp 220gp
Light Heal 225gp 165gp
Telekinesis 700gp 500gp
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