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The Aftermath (FM-Towns Port)


The Aftermath of 2112 A.D. on Earth is the result of a massive nuclear war one year prior. Minax's meddling with the timeline resulted in a nuclear war which almost totally wiped out mankind, shattering continents in the process, leaving Earth as a burnt-out cinder.

World map of the Aftermath

If not for the presence of the Time Doors, no humans would have survived. Still, the only settlement left is Pirate Harbour in former northern Russia.

The Stranger had to enter this time in Ultima II to find a rocket to travel to Planet X, in order to find Father Antos. After the defeat of Minax, this future vanished.


The climax was the devastation of 2111, Minax's greatest triumph, when ancient civilizations born of love and beauty, wisdom and reason, turned on one another in hatred and destroyed most of the very earth that had nurtured them. If it were not for the time doors, we would not be here now. Only the ability to move in time enabled any living thing to survive...
The post devastation period once thought of as the future. Much of life and all known civilization has ceased to exist. As we learn more of the enchantress Minax, we become convinced of her single-handed perpetration of the entire devastation itself and all that led to it. Note that much of the land mass has been wiped out, especially the key centers and most troublesome hotspots of the great Sino-Russo-American Era.

- from The Second Age of Darkness (Ultima II)

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