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Earth, circa 1990 A.D.


A future version of Earth (from the perspective of 1982), as affected by Minax's meddling with the timestream in Ultima II, populated with people and technology. Castle Britannia still stood at this time, as well as the town of New San Antonio and the village of Port Bonifice, all of which had major significance to the eventual triumph of the Stranger over Minax.

Besides the Greenland dungeon, a tower also is found in northern Africa.


The present—if we can still call it that. Specifically, 1990. It is, but apparently now not as it was to have been, a rather perilous time of planetary egocentricism leading to an overemphasis on dangerously shaky interplanetary jealousies and greed. The times reflect the people who suffer stress with a sense of urgency that encourages pragmatism over reason, dulls an awareness of values and leads weaker souls to lives of crime.

- from The Second Age of Darkness (Ultima II)

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