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Map of Earth in Ultima II

Earth symbol.svg

Surface - mountains of Colorado

Earth as seen from orbit

Earth is the planet home to mankind and animals. Earth is also the home planet of Lord British and the Avatar. However, Earth itself plays a minor role in the series. It is usually only seen in the intro and end sequences of the games.


In Ultima II, Earth is the central place of the game. Minax had manipulated the timeline, resulting in a totally changed past. In the end, Earth was destroyed by a nuclear holocaust in the year 2111 A.D.. The Stranger attempted to repair the damage to the timeline, traveling to these periods of time, which were altered by Minax's meddling:

In the end, the timeline was returned to normal, and all these events were erased, apart from the memories of the Stranger.

Significant Appearances and Locations[]

Ultima II

During the time twisting of Ultima II, there were three places of major interest on the alternate-Earths, besides the castle of Lord British:

The Savage Empire

The valley of Eodon is actually located on Earth. Eodon exists totally out of phase, so it can be only reached with the Orb of the Moons.

Martian Dreams

Much of the game's opening sequences take place on Earth, in particular the Columbian World Exposition, and the mountains of Colorado. The planet is also seen from orbit after the space cannon is prematurely fired.

Ultima IX

  • The Avatar gets to do some training and interacts with the Gypsy before actually arriving in Britannia.
  • The "in-game" cheats are over the fence from where the Avatar practices with his sword.


250px-The Earth seen from Apollo 17.jpg

  • The coordinates for Earth in Ultima II are 6,6,6 (interestingly, this is the famous number of the Devil.).

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