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Dungeon traps are not to be confused with chest traps. While the latter is only found inside chests, the former is installed in the corridor itself. These traps are not the forcefields. Over time, various types of traps were encountered.

Strange Winds[]

Encountered in Ultima III and Ultima IV, these magical winds have the ability to extinguish any kind of light source, regardless if is a torch or a light spell. While this does not directly causes damage, it can be very confusing, forcing the adventurer to advance blindly or being ambushed by monsters in the dark.

  • In Ultima II, ghosts have this ability and use it to great effect to annoy the player.

Falling Rocks[]

Only encountered in Ultima IV. This trap causes rocks to fall from the ceiling as the party passes striking party members. There is no way to disable this trap and often, the adventurer has no choice but to walk through the trap and hope for the best.

  • Hits random party members dealing about 10-20 damage.

Pit Trap[]

A pit trap

The pit trap's way of hurting the adventurer is quite obvious. The pit is concealed in the floor until the unwary steps on it, and falls sustaining damage.

In Ultima IV the trap hits random party members dealing about 10-20 damage. In Ultima V the trap drops the entire party down a level perhaps even onto another pit trap. A search can discover pits and allowing the party to safely descend them. Having a grappling hook also allows the party to ascend.

Bomb Trap[]

Plain and simple, a bomb hidden in the floor that blows up as soon as someone comes too close. Unlike the bomb traps hidden in chests, these are far more powerful, and therefore also much more deadly.