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In the northeastern corner of the continent of Britannia lies theDrylands, an expansive, desolate desert. Situated in the middle of it, surrounded by trackless dunes, lies the Shrine of Sacrifice and the Ant Mound, while at its south end, the mining town of Vesper exists in this dry region. The bordering western mountains houses the Vesper Mines.

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In Ultima IV this area was a mix of grasslands, forests and swamps, surrounding Lake Generosity and the Shrine of Sacrifice. The town of Vesper existed to the south of the area. The Drylands were formed between Ultima IV and Ultima V, when a sustained drought struck the area, drying up the area around Lake Generosity completely. The town of Vesper disappeared along with the lake, and by Ultima V the Drylands were already a desolate desert.

In Ultima V and VI, the Drylands featured the house of Sin'Vraal, and in the latter installment the Ant Mound. Part of Lake Generosity re-appeared in Ultima VII, as well as a new Vesper, turned into a mining town.

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The deserts of northeastern Britannia are hot, dry, and easy to lose one's way in. Besides all sand looking much like all other sand, the heat is apt to play tricks on the eye, misleading travelers with landmarks that are not really there.
Britannia's third large lake, the one-time picturesque Lake Generosity, was a casualty of the great drought of the northeast and is now simply a bed of dry sand.

- from The Book of Lore (Ultima V)

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  • The humorous fan-game Ultima IV Part 2 offers an interesting alternative explanation for the formation of the Drylands.
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