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Dragon, from Ultima VII manual.
Variants: Griffon, Wyvern
First appearance: Ultima III
Last appearance: Ultima IX

Dragons are huge, flying, fire-breathing reptiles with a strong mind and fearsome magical abilities. In addition to their fiery breath, they can summon daemons to their aid or become invisible. Only a fool or the strongest warrior would dare take on a mighty dragon. Such perils are usually rewarded with vast treasure, however. A varied lot, the dragons of Britannia usually are either green or red in color, while the rare ice dragons of the Serpent Isle are blue. Ice dragons mate for life and sing to each other during courting. Their blood can cure almost any disease.

Dragons can usually be found in dungeons, but they also roam the wilderness. The most well-known dwelling place of dragons is the Dungeon Destard.

As first seen in Ultima III, dragons appeared alongside the similarly-frightening griffons and wyverns. They stayed a part of the series to the very end, with exception of the two Underworlds and Ultima VIII. Due to the enormous difficulty of defeating a dragon, their power was reduced in Ultima VII, to give players a fair chance to defeat them. In Ultima IX, they seemed to lose all magical abilities, yet there were green, blue and red dragons to be found. There are several of the green variety throughout the world, but only two blue dragons (and you have to hunt to find them) and only one known red dragon.

Dragon eggs have been quite a hot commodity in Britannia at various times through the years.

Similar to liches, a very few dragons have been known to carry on after death as skeletal dragons.



These creatures can hurl mystical Fireballs at thy Party from afar. They are the only creatures that can wreak havoc upon thee when not in Conflict Mode. Any Party luckless enough to venture within three squares of one of these creatures will be subject to an awesome attack. The Great Dragons can destroy a Party before the Party ever engages in combat with the Dragon!

- from The Book of Lore (Ultima III)

The Dragon is an evil, flying serpent which can cross water and blast ships with huge fireballs. Not many ships can withstand a couple passes by an attacking Dragon.

- from The History of Britannia (Ultima IV)

Strongest and most feared of creatures, dragons shoot extremely damaging magic fireballs and are nearly impossible to defeat. They can attack while in flight and may do in an entire party before it has a chance to engage in close combat. Killing a dragon, however, can earn the slayer great treasure.

- from Book of Lore (Ultima V)

How many myths have been built around this winged, fire breathing holdover from Britannia's distant past? Event the strongest warrior has been known to wilt under the intense magical flames and noxious fumes that pour from the enraged beast's nostrils. Though mortal, dragons are extremely difficult to kill. It is therefore, a wonder that some bold souls have actually managed to steal eggs from a dragon's nest to satisfy the culinary delights of wealthy town dwellers!

- from Compendium (Ultima VI)


Dragons are a mysterious ancient race of highly evolved reptiles that possess magical abilities and a high degree of intelligence. They have large wings and are capable of rapid flight. A dragon is formidable in combat and is all the more lethal due to its noxious flaming breath. Its lair is usually a cave or a dungeon where it guards its eggs and treasure.

- from The Book of Fellowship (Ultima VII)

Found almost exclusively in the dungeon Destard, dragons are an ancient race of large reptiles. They possess great intelligence, and a few also use magic, sometimes summoning other creatures to fight with, or for them in battle. However, in combat, they are quite formidable without any aid, for in addition to their sharp claws and the rows of razor-like teeth that fill their maws, they are capable of producing large clouds of fiery death. That, combined with their ability to become invisible makes them more than a match for any foolish enough to cross one. Shouldst one ever be found that is willing to bargain with thee, I strongly suggest doing so, for very few can survive a battle with one of these terrible lizards, and even fewer can emerge victorious.

- from The Dragon Compendium (Ultima VII)


Similar to the ferocious, flying lizards of old Sosarian fame, the dragons here differ primarily in appearance. Ice dragons have white-blue scales and spew flames of blue death.

- from Beyond the Serpent Pillars (Ultima VII Part Two)

A feared creature in communion with other planes, a dragons knows of your presence in its lair before you know your dangerous location. Legion are the numbers who have been felled by the fiery breath of these highly intelligent creatures. Despite their cumbersome mass, dragons are excellent flyers with keen senses and must be addressed with ranged weapons and magic. It is reputed that they possess innate magical abilities, although there have been few volunteers to test this notion.

- from Journal (Ultima IX)

Named Dragons[]


  • The Avatar meets Dracothraxus in the Test of Courage on the Isle of Fire in Ultima VII. She is one of the few dragons that didn't attack the Avatar at once, but instead talks first. Attempting to kill her is futile, since she is invincible. However, a won duel gives the Avatar possession of the Ether Gem, to forge the Black Sword, which in the end would be the key to destroying Dracothraxus.
  • Riddle-loving dragon Draxinar, also known as "Stumpy" due to his tendency to stump people with his riddles, appears in Ultima VII Part Two: The Silver Seed, in Aram-Dol's Lair.
  • Talornia is the only red dragon in Ultima IX. You need to kill her and take her head back to the Isle of Valoria in order to gain entrance to the volcano. She likes to talk to you first, but afterward is quick to attack.


  • Both dragons and griffons were to be included in the cancelled Ultima X. Links: