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Dr. Owl
Dr. Owl, from Ultima Underworld
Species: Human
Ultima Underworld
Location: Abyss-Level Six

Dr. Owl is one of the Seers of the Moonstone in the Abyss in Ultima Underworld I and the keeper of the Wine of Compassion.

The Avatar found him together with the other mages on the sixth level of the Abyss. Dr. Owl told the Avatar of the Wine of Compassion, but would only reveal its location after the return of his missing servant, Murgo. The Avatar freed Murgo on the third level from the clutches of the lizard men; Dr. Owl was thankful, explaining in detail where to find the talisman of Compassion.

Most likely, Garamon rescued him when he teleported everyone out of the doomed colony.


  • Judging by his portrait, Dr. Owl is totally blind.
  • He is the alter ego of an Origin employee, Dr. Cat.