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Dr. C.L. Blood
Dr. C.L. Blood, from Martian Dreams
Species: Human
Martian Dreams
Location: 1895 Landing Site

Dr. C.L. Blood and his history are mostly a mystery, lost over time. His methods are unorthodox and mostly useless, yet he has developed some useful treatments.

It is not exactly known how Dr. Blood got into the whole rescue mission to Mars in Martian Dreams. Yet, he proved very useful, despite his strange ideas and staying behind at the Landing Site with his equipment.

Blood had managed to find a way to cure the various sicknesses and injuries that the party encountered on Mars -- even the dreaded radiation poisoning from the uncareful handling of Radium. After that mission, he returned to Earth, only to fade into the fog of history, never heard of again.


Dr. Blood was something of a mystery to me. Though Tesla, Freud, and the other would-be rescuers seem well-familiar with him and his accomplishments, I had never heard of him before our arrival in 1895. Apparently, Dr. Blood was reviled by the medical establishment of the 1870's for espousing the curative powers of his creation: "Oxygenized Air." The general public cared little about the disdain of Blood's peers -- thousands claimed to have recovered from illness and infirmity after undergoing oxygenized air treatment. Despite his somewhat checkered past and lack of esteem among the leading lights of the medical community, Blood proved a concerned and able doctor, well able to handle the rescue expedition's medical needs.

- from Time Travel (Worlds of Ultima: Martian Dreams)


As seen here, Dr. C. L. Blood is a real historical figure who really did advocate his Oxygenized Air as a cure-all, although he is far lesser-known than most of the historical figures in Martian Dreams.