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The Disquiqui Tribe, whose ancestors originally came from the South Seas, are considered a joke by all the other tribes of Eodon. As they consist entirely of incompetents who are drunk and party all the time, the other tribes' main interaction consists of humiliating the Disquiqui in as many ways as possible in needling attacks. Their village is located in southern Eodon, on an island west of Tichticotl.

In Savage Empire, the Avatar had to free Jimmy Malone from the tribe, after they'd taken him prisoner (their first in years) and tried to marry him to Guoblum. The rescue was easy, as most of the village was drunk and Lerei the prison-keeper was too lazy to do anything. Despite the questionable nature of the help they could offer, the Avatar later returned to the Disquiqui in the quest to unite the tribes.

In order to get them to agree, the Avatar had to first drink some of their "plachta" (a really strong alcoholic drink) and then manage to put a bell on a Tyrannosaurus which had been harassing the tribe for some time already.


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Though I can detect practically no evidence of it in their dialect, the Disquiqui bear certain cultural traits in common with the peoples of the South Seas. Considered irresponsible and annoying by many of the other tribes, the Disquiqui tend to be happy, musical, and rather notoriously amorous.
However, in spite of their behavior, which tends to range from the humorous to the bizarre to the celebratory, I always recall how and where Captain Cook died, and keep my wits about me when dealing with the Disquiqui.

- from Ultimate Adventures Magazine (Savage Empire)


  • Three of the tribe's members are actually the Three Stooges. Specifically Chafblum, Larrifin, and Tuomaxx. Chafblum reacts to the word "nyuk."

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