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Devil Guard, Ultima III

Devil Guard was a city on Sosaria that had become totally enclosed by the Great Mountains after Ultima I, and was only reachable via Moongate.

In Ultima III, Devil Guard was one of the few places on the mainland with an available guild shop. It also had stables, a tavern (Le Grogshop), and a grocery/healer (Food and Health).

Several inhabitants of Devil Guard knew much of the Marks; it was here that the Stranger discovered that they could be gained in dungeons after touching hot metal, that there were four of them, and that each had a different use. Also overheard were tales of a Mark of Kings -- useful with Lord British -- and a Mark of the Snake, which would help bypass the Great Earth Serpent. The Stranger also learned where to find the Dungeon of Fire.

Afer Exodus' defeat, the cataclysm changed the land, and Devil Guard was destroyed.


The island city of Devil Guard is a strange place, indeed. The usual shops for food and health may be found, as well as a stable and a groggy pub. Though I am not a thief, and had no reason to investigate, I was told that there is a guild here where thieves may purchase tools of trade. I took special care here, as the secluded position of Devil Guard, hidden well within the Great Mountains, makes it a popular spot indeed for those in hiding. The populace is loose-tongued, though, and willing to speak of the things they have seen and heard. Some speak of the legendary Marks, which many claim have magical powers. -Sigmund the Wingfooted

- from Secrets of Sosaria (Ultima III)