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Dungeon Type: Cave
Opposes the Virtue: Valor
Word of Power: INOPIA



The Dragon Nest

The dragon cave of dungeon Destard, situated in the mountains west of Trinsic, is very dangerous place. Many of the dragons and drakes of Britannia call the warm caves of Destard their home and breeding place, and they react extremely violently to intruders into their home. This usually results in the quick destruction of the intruders by their fiery breath and powerful magic. Many adventurers have entered Destard in pure greed, only to regret it after meeting its inhabitants. Their remains still bear silent witness to their lust for gold.

Because of its inhabitants, Destard can only be mastered by expert adventurers with very good equipment. However, should the dragons be overcome, a huge treasure awaits their bravery.

History Edit

Ultima IV Edit

Destard was first entered in Ultima IV. The Red Stone was found in there, and a magic orb that gave one experience boost. Destard connected to one of the Altar Rooms. It was a natural cave system filled with nasties. After the end of the Quest of the Avatar, the Great Council sealed the dungeon, to lock the horrors within.

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Ultima V Edit

New monsters were settled in the dungeon in Ultima V, when the Avatar visited Destard again. The Avatar yelled the Word of Power "INOPIA", learned from Goeth, to open the entrance. It connected to the Underworld, where Lord British's Amulet was found.

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Ultima VI Edit

After that time, the Dragons invaded Destard, killed the previous inhabitants, and made Destard their home. In Ultima VI, the Avatar entered Destard to retrieve some dragon eggs for Sandy, so that he would reveal information.

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Ultima VII Edit

The Avatar entered Destard in Ultima VII to find Fellowship funds as ordered by Batlin, but the chest was empty. The Avatar also met Lasher the Unicorn, and the adventurers Cosmo, Cairbre and Kallibrus in Destard.

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Ultima IX Edit

Destard hasn't changed much. It is still a dragon cave, although half of the dungeon is quite different, Talornia is the only dragon here. Talornia attacked the city of Dawn, and half the population wanted to appease the dragon while the other half wanted to fight. Those who wished to fight betrayed and all were killed, including Adreanna.

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Far to the west of the Fens of the Dead, along the untamed coast of southwest Britannia, the cavern called Destard is a dank haven for savage tribes of orcs, trolls, and the like.

- from Paths of Destiny (Ultima V)

For centuries, the caverns of Destard housed an ancient dragon and her treasures. Many of the brave warriors of the city of Valoria tested their mettle in her lair, and few returned. The legend of Talornia, the great red dragon spread through the countryside, as she fed upon village and farm. The Knights of Valoria mounted an expedition to seal her lair which apparently arrested her roamings about the countryside. Some claim that she yet lives and has grown old and mighty in her lair. Rumors of a cult of worshippers persist and are fed by the many disappearances. Plans for a new campaign to root out the dragons of Destard have become mired in the squabbling among the Knights of Valoria. Little is done, and all complain about it.

- from Journal (Ultima IX)

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