Dungeon Type: Cave
Opposes the Virtue: Compassion
Word of Power: VILIS

Despise, a natural cave system in the Serpent's Spine mountains north of Britain, is one of the eight famed dungeons of Britannia. The Stranger explored it first during the Quest of the Avatar and returned to it many times after that.


Ultima IVEdit

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The Anti-Compassion Dungeon of Despise was first entered in Ultima IV. Deep in its depths The Stranger found the Altar of Love and the Yellow Stone.

Ultima VEdit

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Also know as the "Maze of Lost Souls", as a sign in Runic reads at the entrance, the caves were sealed after the end of the Quest of the Avatar by the Great Council to lock the horrors within. During Ultima V The Avatar yelled the Word of Power "VILIS", learned from Annon, to open the entrance. The cave is a twisting maze of pit traps and ladders and now connects to the newly formed Underworld near where Captain Johne and the wreck of the Ararat were found.

Ultima VIEdit

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A mine supplying much of the gold for Britannia. It is a series of twisting tunnels connected to large caverns.

Ultima VIIEdit

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After that time, Despise fully became a cave system again. In Ultima VII, the Sphere Generator of the Guardian was located in it. Also, the mage Selvyn and his band of rebels had built his fortress on top of Despise, with stairs from the dungeon into it. Brother Wayne, the missing monk, was found there as well.

In Ultima VII, the locations for Despise and Shame are inverted on the world map.

Ultima IXEdit

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In Ultima IX, the former cave system was turned into a dungeon. Before the Great Cataclysm, a mage by the name of Kiran chose the dungeon as his new abode. He refurnished the place, constructing an underground fortress. His magic shield is hidden inside. The treasure hunters Castro, Felix, Thadious, and the late Mourdin were found inside, having gone on the quest to find the Kiran Stones.


The cavern Despise is a featureless maze of twisty passages and dizzying corridors. Its entrance lies among the mist-shrouded mountains of the central Serpent's Spine.

- from Paths of Destiny (Ultima V)

Britain, the capital city, expands in all directions save one: towards the dungeon of Despise. Since time immemorial, this dungeon has drawn creatures fearful of the world above. Herein, their fears gather strength and force and are directed at all who dare to enter. The fearful beasts save special attention for the forces of light, for those who with a weakness for the truth. /they must endure nasty traps, terrible pranks, and direct assaults as they search for the many treasures contained herein.

- from Journal (Ultima IX)

Trivia Edit

  • Despise is the only dungeon in Ultima V with no dungeon rooms at all.
  • It is also the only dungeon named after a verb instead of a noun.

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