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Darion, from Ultima VIII
Species: Human
Ultima VIII
Location: Tenebrae

Darion is the Captain of the Guard of Tenebrae on Pagan, and the father of Jenna. He is a well-liked and respected man.

The Avatar first saw Darion in Ultima VIII during Toran's execution. Speaking later with him, he proved that he was a patriotic man, although he hinted at some doubts on how things were going under Mordea. Since his job left him lots of free time, he also created Leather Armour which he sold in his house in east Tenebrae. There was also his training hall, where he would offer training lessons for 50 Obsidians.

He then revealed his worries that his only daughter Jenna still wasn't wed, and he so much wanted grandchildren. He was almost desperate to find a husband for her and should a male Avatar get involved into the topic, almost literally listed off the whole catalogue of her good traits to convince the Avatar to marry her.

Later, when the Avatar revealed the truth about Mordea and Devon shortly before Devon's execution, Captain Darion at first was angered since he though the Avatar was merely offending his queen. However, after Salkind accidently reavealed that it was true, Darion held to his honor and declared Devon to be the true Tempest, for which he got struck down by one of Mordea's lightning bolts.

He survived this and soon was back to work under his new king, Devon.


  • Darion wanted Cyrrus to become a guard. However, the young man left to become a Theurgist.