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Dallas Garrett
Dallas Garrett, from Martian Dreams
Species: Human
Martian Dreams
Location: 1895 Landing Site

Dallas Garrett is a hired guard in the late 19th century with a flamboyant cowboy-esque personality.

Garrett (far right) in Tesla's lab.

In Martian Dreams, Garrett was employed by Nikola Tesla to accompany his crew on their 1895 rescue mission to Mars. He first met the Avatar under extremely strange circumstances, as the hero and his companion, Dr. Johann Schleimann Spector, arrived in Tesla's laboratory via a time gate. Surprised, Garrett nearly drew his pistol on the newly-arrived travelers.

On the Martian surface, Garrett was placed in charge of tools and supplies, including a prybar which the Avatar borrowed to force open the door of the space capsule they arrived in.