's Crag

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Daemon's Crag, the Sorcerers' Enclave on Morgaelin. Surrounded by the great Lava Lake of Morgaelin, only very few can manage to overcome this obstacle to actually reach the Sorcerers to learn their art.

The Daemon's Crag came into existence when the Sorcerers asked Pyros to help create them a sanctum. Together with his brother Lithos, they created this island of rock around boiling lava. Since then, it has been the Sorcerers' stronghold. Their village is located there, as well as the Obsidian Fortress, the place for testing new Sorcerers and home to the Master Sorcerer.

One of the most prominent features of the rock island is the Great Pentagram. In it, Pyros can be summoned for audiences, although this is highly dangerous.

When the Avatar freed Pyros from his bounds, it stands to debate if he started to destroy the place.

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Among the most dark-some places in Pagan is the treacherous territory known as Sorcerer's Enclave. There the Mages of Fire perform unknown and possibly horrific magics, as they consort with their patron Titan, Pyros. Fortunately, the area is quite secluded, as a boiling lake of fire surrounds the collection of buildings, making it impossible for those who are not members of the sorcerous cabal to traverse.

- from The Chronicle of Pagan (Ultima VIII)

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Map of Daemon's Crag

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  • It can normally only be reached after freeing Hydros, as her rain cools off part of the lava lake, so that it can be crossed.
  • Enterprising players with a lot of free time can reach the Daemon's Crag without freeing Hydros by bringing a large amount of flat objects to place atop the lava, and jumping between them.

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