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Cyrrus, from Ultima VIII
Species: Human
Ultima VIII
Location: Herdsman's Valley

Cyrrus is the son of Corinth and Gwillim on the world of Pagan in Ultima VIII.

Cyrrus always wanted to become a healer, so with his parents' blessing he left Herdsman's Valley for Argentrock Isle, where the Avatar found him. He was bunking with Torwin and both of them had become good friends. However, at first Cyrrus spoke only generally about the isle.

After Xavier's spell focus was stolen, the Avatar interrogated Cyrrus with a truth-spell. Cyrrus tried to cover for Torwin, but in the end he admitted everything, pointing the Avatar to Windy Point, where Torwin was. After Torwin had died, guilt nagged at Cyrrus for allowing this to happen. Also, after the Avatar had taken the Breath of Air, he was livid. But he was partially relieved that he could now start considering a relationship back home. Too bad for him that Jenna, the woman he loved, thought of him as boring and was glad that he had left.