Dungeon Type: Crypt/Mine
Opposes the Virtue: Sacrifice
Word of Power: AVIDUS

Covetous is a dungeon south of Minoc and for much of its history its only surface access was via Lost Hope Bay. One of the eight famed dungeons of Britannia it first appeared in Ultima IV and appeared in every Ultima that took place in Britannia afterwards.

History Edit

Ultima IV Edit

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The Anti-Sacrifice Dungeon of Covetous was first entered in Ultima IV where ferocious orcs and savage trolls[1] made it dungeon their home. The Orange Stone was found in it, and magic orbs which increased dexterity and strength. The dungeon connected to two of the Altar Rooms.

Ultima V Edit

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Deep in Covetous

Hewn long ago as a royal crypt for the rulers of a distant province that is now Minoc[2]. After the end of the Quest of the Avatar, the Great Council sealed the dungeon, to lock in the horrors in it. In Ultima V, Covetous again was visited. The Avatar yelled the Word of Power "AVIDUS", learned from Fiona, to open the entrance. It connected to the Underworld, where the Shard of Falsehood was found.

Ultima VI Edit

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In Ultima VI, the dungeon was a series of cells, holding all manner of beasts, which now joined with the dungeon Wrong. In it the Avatar found the Heftimus McPry's scrap of Treasure Map.

Ultima VII Edit

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In the years before Ultima VII, the Britannian Mining Company destroyed the entire upper level of Covetous in their mining operation, after unsealing it and destroying all monsters on that level, where also blackrock was found.

Ultima IX Edit

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Covetous is a complete mine in Ultima IX. All levels contain blackrock and gems. Being abandoned, the mine's lowest level has filled with water. The dungeon is flooded with undead, probably in revenge for the destruction of their resting place.


On a rocky eastern shore of Lost Hope Bay, reachable only by sea, the dungeon Covetous has hewn in bygone times as a royal crypt for the rulers of the distant province that is now Minoc

- from Paths of Destiny (Ultima V)

The town of Minoc has played host to the mysterious hollows of a blackrock mine. Noted for its property of foiling magic, the pure blackrock herein commands a high price. With a metallurgy known to few, it can be forged into magic items to astound even mages. The blackrock mine has been in operation for many years, and the shallower veins have begun to dry. Hearty miners and warriors have begun to explore the deeper veins wherein undead creatures and fickle footing have proved their undoing. Yet, the richness of the blackrock therein continues to inspire the hearty townspeople to venture deeper into the mountain.

- from Journal (Ultima IX)

Trivia Edit

  • In Ultima V, the seventh level can only be entered from the sixth via the spell Des Por. There are two ladders on the seventh level going up. Each leads to a room; one which has a one way only exit back to a room on the sixth, the other having no exits.
  • In Ultima V, Covetous, as the name might suggest, is an excellent place to farm for gold. On the first two levels half the rooms respawn (including a high end weapon and shield per room), there are no pits or traps, and there are healing springs easily available.
  • In Ultima VII, Malloy and Owings can be found in Covetous.
  • In Ultima IX, Skully can be found in Covetous.
  • Covetous is the only dungeon named after an adjective instead of a noun.


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