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Cove's tavern, The Emerald

Cove is a beautiful town nestled between the mountains at the southern shores of Lock Lake, east of Britain. Cove is dedicated to the Principle of Love and the virtue of Compassion.

Cove is a place where negative feelings only take minor space, where the sick can heal and people can enjoy life. This is also contributed to by the nearby Shrine of Compassion, which the inhabitants keep safe, and the Lover's Walk near the shrine. The town is quiet and peaceful, with little disturbing the inhabitants.

Economically, the city hasn't much to offer to the traveller. Beside the large Emerald tavern/inn, there is a magic shop and a trainer. Cove was never known as a shopping paradise, only a spiritual one.

History of the town[]

Founded prior to Ultima IV, Cove was hidden away in the mountains and difficult to reach. In Ultima IV and Ultima V the Temple of the Virtues stood in the town, and was the main attraction; however, a healer could always be found nearby. After that time, the mountains opened up, and Cove became accessible to everyone.

By Ultima VI, the Temple was lost, but the healers remained, and the soldiers of the war recovered from their injuries there. By Ultima VII, Cove had expanded nicely, and themed itself around the Principle of Love. Lock Lake became seriously polluted by the Britannian Mining Company, but a law was passed to make sure that Lock Lake would be cleaned up again.

The original city of Cove was destroyed during the Great Cataclysm 20 years before the events of Ultima IX, and was eventually rebuilt alongside Minoc on Dagger Isle, north of Moonglow near the Shrine of Sacrifice, although the geography of this move is in dispute (see Trivia).


The magical village of Cove nestles among the mountains south of Lock Lake. Cove's healers and alchemists are among the best in Britannia. Here too is the magnificent temple of virtue, built to honour those on the quest of the Avatar.

- from Book of Lore (Ultima V)

Nestled in the mountains just south of Lost Lake, Cove is home to many magicians, healers and alchemists. One will also find there a shrine dedicated to the Avatar's pursuit of Virtue.

- from Compendium (Ultima VI)

The town of Cove is the cleanest town in all of Britannia. Although the town itself is pristine, a traveller would be wise to avoid Lock Lake, which has become very polluted in recent years. One of the most romantic places in all of Britannia is Lover's Walk, which is not far from the Shrine. Across the mountains from Cove, one will find the Bloody Marsh, site of one of Britannia's most savage wars.

- from The Book of Fellowship (Ultima VII)

The town of Cove is a much happier case. Nastassia, woeful guardian of the Shrine of Compassion, has come out of her seclusion, and is now busy leading the clean-up of nearby Lock Lake, one of the worst hit areas.

- from A Safe Passage Through Britannia (Ultima Underworld II)

On the highway of time, Cove has been overtaken by the winds of discontent. When the Great Cataclysm swept across the lands, Lock Lake flooded the town and nearly sunk it below the waves. The citizens of Cove gathered the remaining pieces and carried them to the east, where higher ground proved fertile soil for another rebirth.

Yet recent upheavals have inspired the people to abandon their gentle craft of healing. Few practitioners of the healing arts continue to make the potions for which Cove was once famous. The townspeople once tended the Shrine of Sacrifice, yet in the wake of its corruption, many have died in riots and clashes with the constabulary. Though the great city suffers from the tide of popular opinion and practice, the Great Leader believes he has a solution to the people's woe. In the tents of the gypsy people of nearby Minoc, the turn of the Tarot does not smile upon his plan.

- from Journal (Ultima IX)


Ultima IV[]

Map of Cove in Ultima IV

Ultima V[]

Map of Cove in Ultima V

Ultima VI[]

Map of Cove in Ultima VI

Ultima VII[]

Map of Cove in Ultima VII


Ultima IV[]

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