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The embodiment of Courage

Courage is one of the Three Principles of the Eight Virtues of Britannia. The principle of Courage is most important to survive in a hostile environment and to do the task, even if it is difficult.

Courage is the foundation for the virtues of Valor, Sacrifice, Honor and Spirituality. By itself, Courage is the only principle leading to the virtue of Valor.

The symbols of Courage are the Bell of Courage, which was brought by the Avatar to Serpent's Hold, the Fortress of Courage on the Isle of Deeds, and the eternal Flame of Courage.

The shrine of Courage with the corresponding test is situated on the Isle of Fire. The test has a lot of fighting in it, but the main goal is to create a weapon that can destroy an invincible Dragon. The shrine itself dissapeared before Ultima IV, when the Isle of Fire sank into the seas, so it wasn't used in the quest for the Avatar. However, the Avatar gained access to the shrine when the Isle of Fire reappeared during Ultima VII.

Courage on Serpent Isle[]

While the knights and pikemen of Monitor on first sight seem to follow the principle of Courage, it soon becomes clear that Courage has become an empty word after all the passing years. Fighting for the sake of fighting, arrogant ideas of superiority and numerous internal infighting has eaten away the meaning of Courage, leaving an empty shell. A more suitable name for the principle these fighters follow would be "Power".

The Helm of Courage is the symbol of this principle on Serpent Isle.

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