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Corpser, from Ultima VII manual
Variants: Ice Corpsers
First appearance: Ultima V
Last appearance: Serpent Isle

No one has ever seen these creatures, apart from the tentacle that suddenly shoots out of the ground to pull the victim under the earth, where it is killed and eaten. The Corpser relies on stealth to sneak to its victim. But once detected, the normal adventurer should have little problem with destroying this abomination.

They can be found in caves and dungeons with soft soil.

Corpsers appeared in Ultima V, VI, VII and VII/2. Their behaviour was the same in all these installments, meaning that it tried to surprise the party and pull someone underground.


Found only in deep, labyrinthine caverns, these hellish, tentacled ghouls drag their screaming victims into subterranean dens. What fearful end awaits the poor captive none can say. Only a burning flame has been known to have any effect on these creatures of the dark.

- from Compendium (Ultima VI)

This creature is a type of ghoul that ensnares its victims with its tentacles in order to drag them off to its lair and presumably kill them in a manner that has never been discovered. Its only known weakness is fire.

- from The Book of Fellowship (Ultima VII)