Editable Codex
Colour: Yellow
Symbol: Heart/Rose
Principles: Love
Explanation: Love of others
Towns: Britain
Mantra: Mu
Word of Power: Vilis
Player class: Bard
Dungeon: Despise

Compassion is one of the Eight Virtues.

Compassion, founded on the principle of Love, is non-judgmental empathy for one's fellow creatures. The quality of empathy, of recognizing and sharing the feelings of others. In Britain, the bards headquartered in this towne of compassion put their emphasis on hospitality.

The Shrine of Compassion is situated south of Lock Lake, near Cove.

Blackthorn's law[]


During Blackthorn's tyranny, Compassion was turned into a law: "Thou shalt help those in need, or thou shalt suffer the same need."

Compassion through the Ages[]

Ultima IV[]

Meditating at the Shrine of Compassion will give these insights;

  • "Kill not the non-evil beasts of the land, and do not attack the fair people!"
  • "Give of thy purse to those who beg and thy deed shall not be forgotten!"

Ultima V[]

"'Tis now thy sacred Quest to go unto the Codex and learn of the heart of a cruel soul!"

"Only a detested life owes its pleasures to another's pain."

Ultima VI[]

"No beast so fierce but shows some touch of pity. Sweet mercy is nobility's true badge."


Compassion is nonjudgmental empathy for one's fellow creatures.

- from The Book of Lore (Ultima V)

Compassion is the quality of empathy, of recognizing and sharing the feelings of others.

- from A Safe Passage Through Britannia (Ultima Underworld II)

He who lives without compassion dies loveless. Compassion is the child's awe at the natural world and his love for all who live in it. Compassion for others reflects the Love in one's soul. It requires strength to hold Compassion, for under duress, it is quick to flee. In testing your will to aid others, Compassion shall grow in your spirit like a wildfire.

- from Journal (Ultima IX)

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