The Clothiers of Britannia are responsible for creating the clothes that people can buy on the market. The Clothier first purchases the cloth from the weaver, in order to then turn it into the final product. Many clothiers have different styles and they are in constant competition with each other. Also, some clothiers have managed to eliminate the weaver in the production chain, being able to do both jobs, thus reducing their costs.

The best clothes in Britannia can be bought in Britain, the city with the highest income per-head and therefore also the best clothiers.


Clothiers as an independent shop only appeared from Ultima VI onwards. After that, they stayed a constant in Britannia's economy. However, by then many clothiers were also weavers, combining the jobs.

Lore Edit

Nowhere is the interdependence of Britannia's craftspeoplemore in evidence than in the field of tailoring. Thread must be spun and taken to weavers. Weavers, having made cloth from the thread, deliver it into the hands of clothiers. Clothiers turn bolts of fine fabric into clothes fit for kings. Find your place in this process and you may profit. Seek out the tailors of Paws if you desire a wardrobe of the highest quality.

- from Compendium (Ultima VI)

The marketplace of Britain provides the traveller with an opportunity to purchase clothing, ranging from the latest fashions to the more comfortable and functional.

- from The Book of Fellowship (Ultima VII)