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Chaos Hierophant
Chaos Hierophant, from Ultima VII Part Two
Species: Human
Ultima VII Part Two

The Chaos Hierophant was the spiritual and political leader of the people of Chaos during the era of the Ophidians.

After the murder of the Great Hierophant of Balance Ssithnos, Order forces blamed the followers of Chaos, and exploited this accusation to justify an attack, leading to the outbreak of the War of Imbalance. Soon after, the last person to hold the rank of Chaos Hierophant was murdered by soldiers of Order in the gardens adorning the Temple of Enthusiasm.

The Avatar, in pursuit of the knowledge to restore the Chaos Serpent to its former state in Ultima VII Part Two, uncovered the Chaos Hierophant's remains upon traversing the Frozen North of Serpent Isle. To communicate with him, the Summon Shade spell was invoked after gaining the Eye of the Serpent from Sethys. The Hierophant divulged the nature of the Banes and precisely how they could be fused back together to reform the Chaos Serpent and return to the Void. He resented the ultimate outcome of once more being relegated to a 'prison of Balance,' but conceded that such servitude would be preferable to Order reigning supreme.

Upon concluding his instructions for the restoration ritual, the Hierophant's soul finally departed for the Void.


  • Ultima VII Part Two has a major plot-spoiling bug whereby attempting to talk to any ghost will initiate a conversation with the Chaos Hierophant. This is easily demonstrated by going to the haunted house on the way to the Royal Mint. The bug has been fixed in Serpent Isle Fixes.