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Chain armour Male - Female

The armour for the fighters who take their profession seriously. Chain armour is an improvement over leather, giving the wearer much more protection, while only being marginally more heavy and expensive. A good number of weapons can only get through this armour with much force. On the downside, this armour isn't silent, but no one should go into battle with less than a set of chain armour. Most armouries have chain armour pieces for sale, so acquiring some is usually a simple matter.

First appearing in Ultima I, the pieces of this set of armour were slowly expanded to more body parts. By Ultima VII, the set was complete.

Defensive Values[]

Piece Defense Value
Coif 2
Chest 2
Gauntlets 2
Leggings 2

  • In Ultima IX, defensive values were as follows:
Piece Defense Value
Coif 3
Chest 8
Arms 4
Gauntlets 3
Leggings 4
Boots 3

Except for the boots, pieces from other armour classes have to be used, because they don't exist in a chain variant.


Used by those who can handle the weight of chain mail while fighting, this armour offers excellent protection. Only the finest steel is used, with double-thickness on the shoulders. All links are individually riveted for strength. A favorite among Fighters and Tinkers.

- from The History of Britannia (Ultima IV)

Chain mail is fashioned from small loops of metal wire linked in a manner to make something resembling metal cloth. The best chain mail has each link actually riveted shut. Chain mail provides very good protection, but is quite expensive.

- from Book of Lore (Ultima V)

Chain mail affords greater protection with limited restrictions. Loops of woven wire are bound together to form a sheet of protection across the chest with extra protection at the shoulders and ribs. For rigorous adventurers, a warrior should accept no armor weaker than chain mail.

- from Journal (Ultima IX)