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This category deals with the numerous spells of the Britannian Magic. Note that the most recent appearance of a spell in the series is used for the information found here. Sometimes, Words of Power and Circle are missing (if a spell is from Ultima IV), or Reagents are missing (when a spell is from the Underworlds). Note that changes to the magic system introduced in Ultima IX are ignored here. Also, most Ultima Underworld spells won't be in this list; They are seperately listed at Runic Magic.

Britannian spells are divided into eight Circles. Each higher Cicle is more difficult to master than the last one. A spell's Circle reveals the minimum level of the caster, as well as the amount of mana the spell consumes when cast. Linear Spells don't consume any mana, and have no minimum level requirements.

The Reagents are coded as follows:

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