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In the Upper Catacombs

The Catacombs of Morgaelin, the resting place of many dead, are a huge place, which is divided into three quite different sections:

The Upper Catacombs can be entered from the Cemetery. They are also the best built part of the whole complex, but the floor in some sections can collapse, causing the victim to fall into lava. The Birthplace of Moriens is located in the vast complex, while other ways lead to the tests of the Necromancers, to the caves of Stone Cove and to the Lower Catacombs.

The Lower Catacombs are not as vastly built as the Upper, however they are filled with traps to keep away looters. Access to the Ultima VIII Cheat Room is located there as well. The Lower Catacombs give access to the Pit of Death.

The Pit of Death is the lowest and oldest part of the whole system. The dangers here are less the traps but the lava, which has flooded part of the cave system. However, here is also located the Chapel of the Dead, where Lithos keeps the Heart of Earth. The Pit exits to Stone Cove

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  • The Catacombs are one of the most central places in the game.
  • In the Upper Catacombs, using the Skull of Quakes at a red hole in the wall will open a room to a Recall Pad.

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