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The Castle of the White Dragon

The Castle of the White Dragon once was the seat of power over half of the Serpent Isle. The Stranger visited the castle in Ultima I, and the king sent the hero on an exploration quest in return for enhanced strength.

Later, the castle earned itself a sad spot in history. The King's daughter Beatrix was Shamino's love, but after he was unable to return to the The Lands of Danger and Despair due to the world being sundered, Beatrix died of a broken heart shortly after Ultima I. Broken by grief over her death, the King went mad, and in the end murdered everyone in his castle. The reputation of his ghost was so horrible, that the goblins evaded the Castle out of fear.

In Ultima VII Part Two, when the Avatar tried to enter the castle, the mad ghost appeared, trying to kill the hero. Following a hard battle, the King of the White Dragon was finally released from his madness. Later, the Avatar went through a gauntlet set up by the Banes of Chaos, literally living through madness, before confronting them in the throne room, and banishing them into the Black Sword after the battle.


On the Twelfth Day before the Solstice Festival: Shamino, traitor, I will destroy thee as thou didst destroy my beloved daughter, Beatrix. Shamino, cursed be thy name, I befriended thee and thou didst betray me. I asked my people to help thee erect thy castle and betrayal is thine only response to them. Traitor!
On the Eleventh Day before the Solstice Festival: Despair hath been the daily lot of my poor Beatrix. Now, I myself have my share of worries. I am surrounded by traitors and goblins are closing in on the castle. Shamino, doomed be thy name, I, King of the White Dragon, want to hang, draw and quarter thee. My poor Beatrix was so joyful when thou didst request her hand from me. I agreed happily to such a union. My beloved daughter left me in order to live in thy new castle. By that time thou hadst already been touched by the obsession to foil Mondain from his conquest of the world. Thou didst leave on thy journey to seek the advice of Lord British, from hence never to return. The long-awaited wedding was never to be. My lovely child, my Beatrix, remained unwed waiting for her love to return. She loved thee and had faith in thee, Shamino, cursed be thine offspring.
On the Tenth Day before the Solstice Festival: Those goblins, I see those malformed goblins coming for us. They are destroying our wealth and our lives as Shamino, cursed be his name and his lineage, destroyed my Beatrix's health and life. She died forlorn. Thy treacherous heart led Beatrix to a lonely grave.
On the Ninth Day before the Solstice Festival: The Kingdom is plagued by hordes of goblins that grow more fierce and daring with each passing season. I am surrounded by traitors and should not trust anyone. What to do? Beatrix, thine adorable light no longer shines upon me. How solitary thou must be in thy cold bed. This year I will hold the grandest Solstice Festival ever. Thou wilt love it. 'Tis especially dedicated to thee, my right well beloved.
On the Eighth Day before the Solstice Festival: Those magic-warped goblins are everywhere and they are persistent. They must be led by that villainous Shamino. A man who doth not keep his word is less than a man. How couldst thou trust him, Beatrix?
On the Seventh Day before the Solstice Festival: Shamino the deceitful and his allies are waiting in the dark passages of this castle to ambush me. I know it. I saw them in my dream last night. They will not succeed. They cannot succeed for I have a plan to save my people from traitors and ravaging goblins. Beatrix, I will let thee know about this idea of mine, thou wilt be delighted!
On the Sixth Day before the Solstice Festival: My dearest beloved one, how thou must long for company in thy misery. This bacchanal will bring thee all of thy friends and our people. That villainous Shamino will have the fate he doth deserve.
On the Third Day before the Solstice Festival: I am looking forward to seeing thy Solstice Festival, yes, this season is thy Festival. I planned it for thee. And, indeed, for all of us. Traitors and deceivers alike are in for a surprise. All of my subjects and myself -- we will not leave anything for the goblins to take. Two days hence....
On the Eve of the Solstice Festival: All is prepared for my greatest bacchanal ever.
On the Morning of the Solstice Festival: Beatrix, soon we will be reunited and part never again. This Solstice Festival will be recorded in the annals of the Kingdom of The White Dragon. It is to be the greatest feast ever! Let us all rejoice in one night of revelry! After the midnight revels and before the end of the night, a new dawn will rise.

- from Journal of the King of the White Dragon (Ultima VII Part Two)


The White Dragon's Castle, Ultima I

  • The state of his madness and the bloody slaughter can be read in books in his castle. One must be careful because some books are Killer Jokes of the Trixter!

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