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Captain Johne
Captain Johne.gif
Captain Johne, from Ultima VI
Species: Human
Ultima VI
Location: Hythloth

Captain Johne is a talented sea captain and a powerful mage.

He was partly responsible for the freeing of the Shadowlords prior to Ultima V, although inadvertently so: His ship, the Ararat, was swallowed by a whirlpool and beached in the Underworld. Stranded and driven nearly insane by the shards, he murdered his three mates, and from their blood, the Shadowlords arose, leaving him alive with his guilt. The Avatar could find the wrecked ship while exploring the Underworld, and learn from his firsthand testimony about the origin and nature of the Shadowlords. Captain Johne was all too eager to join the Avatar's party to be rescued from the Underworld, redeem himself and destroy the Shadowlords.

By Ultima VI, Johne had build a house down in Hythloth, studying the gargoyles and teaching Beh Lem English. He had sent the silver tablet to Mariah so that the humans could understand the motivation of the gargoyles, but had no idea what actually happened to it. Johne begged the Avatar to help the gargoyles, and taught the hero their language.


  • The character is based on programmer John Miles.
  • Johne is a 3rd level mage in Ultima V and owns a valuable amulet of turning, so it could be a good idea to find him under the dungeon Despise.
  • The name of Johne's ship, Ararat, comes from the name of the mountain Noah's ark landed on after the flood according to legend.
  • The Tale of Captain Johne by Michael D. Hilborn is based upon Captain Johne's story from Ultima V, and serves as backstory for Ultima V: Lazarus. The complete text can be found at: http://www.biggles2k.com/johne/ttocj_toc.html