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Cantra, from Ultima VII Part Two
Species: Human
Ultima VII Part Two
Location: Monitor

Cantra was a young woman of Monitor, a city on the Serpent Isle, in Ultima VII Part Two, who was drawn into apocalyptic events started by Batlin.

Cantra was the daughter of Harnna, a member of the Leopard Command, and an unnamed Pikeman of Monitor. Like all citizens of Monitor, Cantra was expected to take the Knight's Test at age fifteen. By age fourteen, she had long looked forward to the coming day, training hard with Caladin, the leader of the Bear Command. She had embraced the lifestyle of Monitor and its perpetual war against the Goblins.

One day, while still fourteen, her father went missing. He was officially declared dead, another victim of the Goblins. Although Harnna held out hope, Cantra quickly accepted that he had fallen in battle. Soon thereafter, the Avatar arrived. Cantra was one of the first people the Avatar met. She agreed to share what little she knew about the Knight's Test with the Avatar in exchange for the favor being returned once the Test was completed. Sadly, this exchange could not take place.

Even as the Avatar took the Test, Cantra became possessed by one of the Banes of Chaos. Thus possessed, Cantra fled far north, past the Gorlab Swamp. The sage Batlin, desiring to possess the three Banes as part of a plot to open the Wall of Lights, tracked Cantra down at the ruins of Shamino's Castle. The Bane was sufficiently weakened to allow Batlin to fight it. Eventually, he managed to kill Cantra and capture the Bane. Even as he did so, the Avatar stormed the castle, having tracked them down with the aid of the Hound of Doskar. Batlin escaped, although not for long.

Cantra's body was taken by the Monks of Monk Isle. Although she was restored to life, she was left insane from the experiences. She remained with the Monks during the cataclysmic events that followed Batlin's successful opening of the Wall.


  • Presumably, Cantra was restored to sanity in a method similar to how the Avatar's companions were restored. The original script for the game apparently planned for this to be accomplished as a side-quest, but was eventually cut from the final game. It actually IS in the usecode. For more details, see Cut Material in Serpent Isle. A fan patch was made for Exult that allows Cantra to be cured.
  • Brendann suggests to the Avatar (only if she is female) that Cantra bears a striking resemblance to himself. Whether he had an actual affair with Harnna or this was merely bravado (he was, at the time, bragging about his exploits with "nearly every woman of Monitor") is debatable.

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