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Ready to fire a Cannon

A cannon is truly a powerful weapon. Once the gun powder is ignited, forcing the iron cannonball on its way, destruction is the one thing that is sure to follow. However, despite being so destructive, the downside is that cannons are huge, hard to move, and need a constant supply of both gun powder (from powder kegs) and cannonballs. This makes them only practical for use in fortresses and aboard ships.

Cannons existed since the time of Ultima I, but they were always installed on ships and could be used to blast away foes. Only beginning with Ultima V was it possible to use cannons on land as well.

According to Vetron's Guide to Weapons and Armour, a cannon has a damage power of 90.


Cannon-blasting Argyre's gate

  • In Ultima V, a cannon can be used to blast open the door blocking the way to the Magic Carpet.
  • Through Ultima V, both ship- and land-mounted cannons had unlimited shots -- even when not placed next to a supply of cannonballs.
  • A barge cannon, loaded with custom-made steel cannonballs, was an essential component of finishing Martian Dreams.
  • Dancek, found in Buccaneer's Den during Ultima IV, is a cannon builder.