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The Candle of Love is not so much a item of great magical power, although it will always renew itself, but more a symbol for the warmth that Love gives to someone's heart. It is also the symbol for the principle of Love.

The Candle of Love was stored in the Temple of the Virtues in Cove, where the Stranger found it in Ultima IV. The Candle was one of the keys to open the Abyss. It is not entirely clear what happened to it after that, but most likely it was returned to Cove to again decorate the Temple. In Ultima IX the Candle of Love was found in the ruins of Empath Abbey and is needed for a ritual to free Shamino from the Ethereal Void.


  • It is never explained how the Candle of Love suddenly got to Empath Abbey.
  • The Keyring Mod by Marzo Sette Torres Junior adds the Candle of Love to Empath Abbey in Ultima VII.