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Cador, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Vesper

Cador is the supervisor of the Vesper Mines, living in Vesper together with his wife Yvella and his daughter Catherine.

When the Avatar met him in Ultima VII inside the mines, Cador talked about his job as supervisor, before the subject changed to the Fellowship. Cador boasted how wonderful the Fellowship was, although he only gave a short version of the explanation of the Triad of inner Strength. Otherwise, Cador knew only little of the people of Vesper, suggesting to the Avatar to ask Liana in the town hall about that.

He also spoke about his two workers Mara and Lap-Lem. He praised Mara for being such a good worker, and despite admitting that Lap-Lem was hard working, he didn't do the same for the Gargoyle, saying that if not for being dependent on his working power, he would fire Lap-Lem on the spot, revealing his racist tendencies in the process.


  • Should the Avatar reveal to Yvella that Catherine visits For-Lem, then Cador will lynch the Gargoyle.
  • Should the Avatar reveal his true identity to Cador as he sits in the Vesper tavern, he will immediately attack the Avatar.