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Brownie, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Britain

Brownie is a pumpkin farmer living in Britain, who had tried to become the mayor. He also knows of a secret.

In his field in Ultima VII, Brownie mentioned that he'd tried to become the mayor of Britain, but now he was only a farmer. Brownie spoke a little about his job, offering the Avatar a job since he'd received an injury. He offered gold for carrying his pumpkins to him. Brownie also mentioned Mack, another farmer he liked but thought of as a little strange.

Asked about his run for being the mayor, Brownie spoke about how the mayor Patterson had won the elections by literally throwing around money to buy votes. He'd run for the post because he felt that Britannia became more unfair of a land with each year, gravely disliking the class system. Brownie told the Avatar that Patterson also won because the Fellowship supported him and ordered their members to vote for him. This was something else that angered Brownie and he clearly saw how the Fellowship seemed to see all non-members as their enemies.

Brownie added that he could have won by revealing a dirty secret of Patterson's, but he'd never step so low as it would've hurt someone else as well. Brownie didn't reveal the secret but hinted to follow Patterson at night. The Avatar did so and discovered Patterson's affair with Candice.

After Patterson's death in Ultima Underworld II, it is possible that Brownie could have become the new mayor.