The Britannys

These three important suburbs sprung up around Lord British's castle in the time of Ultima V and provide many of the goods and services needed by the court of Lord British. East Britanny specializes in shipbuilding and boasts a fine healer. North Britanny offers a small, rustic inn and fine stables among its several farms. West Britanny is a farming towne, supplying its own needs and those of the four surrounding settlements, including the Castle of Lord British and Britain.

Being close to Castle Britannia, the Britannys were safe from the influence of the Shadowlords.

After the time of Ultima V, after the city walls of Britain were razed, the ever-growing capital of Britain swallowed the three towns completely, integrating them into the city.


U5 West Britanny

West Britanny in Ultima V

U5 North Britanny

North Britanny in Ultima V

U5 East Britanny

East Britanny in Ultima V

West BritannyEdit

West Britanny is a small farming community lying between Castle Britannia and the city of Britain

- from Paths of Destiny (Ultima V)

North BritannyEdit

This small village boasts a fine stable and inn. As in West Britanny, farming is a common occupation here. The wooded park in the northwestern part of towne is popular with neighborhood children as a playground.

- from Paths of Destiny (Ultima V)

East BritannyEdit

East Britanny's local economy revolves around the trade at the Oaken Oar, one of the most respected shipwrights in the land. Also in this village can be found the Healer's Sanctum, where practices a chirugeon of incomparable skill. In fact the sanctum was located in nearby Castle Britannia until the turmoil surrounding the King's disappearance began. Then, claiming the troubled, frantic air to be an ill influence upon the spiritual arts, the healer Milan moved her kiosk to the quiter East Britanny suburbs.

- from Paths of Destiny (Ultima V)

Inhabitants Edit

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