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Britain in Ultima Underworld II

Britain is the capital of Britannia, and also its biggest and richest city, and the city of Compassion. Reflecting its wealths, its streets are the best in the whole kingdom, and the city has lanterns placed at the roadsides. Situated between the Britannia Bay and the Serpent's Spine mountains, Britain has many interesting things and places to see.

Directly at the north end of the city lies Castle Britannia, where Lord British resides and the Great Council holds its meetings. Britain is also the seat of the Britannian Tax Council and the Royal Mint of Britannia, where all coins are made. Britain is famous for its musicians, the Bards, who all learn their art in the Hall of Bards. Also interesting places are the Museum, where exhibits of times gone by are presented, and the Royal Theatre.

The economy of the city is very strong. Beside the harbour with the shipwright, there is a big commercial district with jewelers, clothiers, weapon and armour shops, provisioners, a bakery and an apothecary. Also found is a healer. Iolo's Bows has its main branch here, too. Many trainers offer their services to adventurers. Britain is also famous for its tavern, the legendary Blue Boar Tavern, and its vast Apple Orchard. Vast farmlands follow at the edge of the city, ensuring the food supply.

A Moongate a little east of the city, on the other side of the Britanny River, ensures fast transportation.

History of the cityEdit


Britain, as seen in Ultima I


Britain, as seen in Ultima III

Britain is a very old city. It was once known as Akalabeth, before it was renamed to its current name. British, after arriving to Sosaria, made Britain his home, and eventually became Lord British, ruling the city from his castle. The city was one of the few to come through the Ages of Darkness with only minor damages.

In Ultima IV, after Lord British united all of Sosaria under a new name, Britannia, Britain became the capital of the kingdom. The city was still roughly the same size as the other major cities of the land. In Ultima V three new suburbs, the Britannys, had grown around Castle Britannia. Like the other cities, Britain was haunted regularly by the Shadowlords. After the time of the Shadowlords was over, the city walls of Britain were razed, to make room for expansion. The three Britannys were integrated into Britain, which began a period of accelerated growth. By Ultima VI, Britain was quite large, and new places like the Museum and the Royal Mint had opened. However, due to the accelerated growth of the city, the streets were left in a state of disrepair.

The city grew even more during the 200 years of peace that followed. By Ultima VII, Paws had become a suburb of Britain, and the city showed off its wealth. Many new buildings were constructed and the roads were paved. Despite a number of damages due to the Imbalance Storms (such as the vanishing of the Royal Mint), the city still thrived.

The city was much smaller in Ultima IX. At that time, Aidon had become the mayor of the city. Having come under the influence of one of the columns, the people became cold-hearted. The Avatar ended this and the city returned to normal.


Lord British's magnificent castle is situated in the centre of the continent, overlooking Britanny Bay. This tall building is the greatest architectural structure of the new age. Loyal subjects may pay homage to His Majesty, and renew fealty whenever they are in the vicinity of his castle. Nearby lies the arts centre of Britannia: the town of Britain, where Bards weave tales of legendary deeds and serenade visitors.

- from The History of Britannia (Ultima IV)

Principal towne of the Empire of Britannia, the busy seaport of Britain lies in central Britannia on Britanny Bay. The bards headquartered in this Towne of Compassion and the arts put their emphasis on hospitality. Britain has a large hotel and outstanding pubs and food. There is also an armoury wherein thou canst buy the finest bows made. Three suburbs recently sprung up around Lord British's castle and provide many of the goods and services needed by the court of Lord British. East Britanny specializes in shipbuilding and boasts a fine healer. North Britanny offers a small, rustic inn and fine stables among its several farms. West Britanny is a farming towne, supplying its own needs and those of the four surrounding settlements.

- from Book of Lore (Ultima V)

Centrally located on the shore of Britanny Bay, the town of Britain is the site of the castle from which I rule. It is also host to multitudes of travelers and to purveyors of goods of all kinds. The adventurer will surely appreciate the hospitality shown by Britain's Compassionate citizens. The shops, inns and armouries of Britain are much renowned and frequented by all who prepare for and return from long journeys. The historic Wayfarer's Inn is considered a second home to many a road-weary adventurer.

- from Compendium (Ultima VI)

This is the opulent and majestic capitol of Britannia, famed City of Compassion and it is where thou mayest find the Castle of Lord British. Britain is built on the shore of Britanny Bay. It is easily the largest city in all of Britannia and it has seen much new development. It is the home of the historic Wayfarer's Inn, Royal Theater and the Music Hall. It is a center of commerce for the entire Kingdom. Here in Britain thou will find vendors hawking their wares, a farmer's market, shops of every type and fabulous entertainment for everyone. Britain is also home to the headquarters of the Fellowship.

- from The Book of Fellowship (Ultima VII)

In Britain, Mayor Patterson, although a Fellowship member, remained in office after the Black Gate fell. I must say he has done an excellent job since that time; Britannia's largest town thrives under his leadership.

- from A Safe Passage Through Britannia (Ultima Underworld II)

The capital city and home to Lord British, Britain sits in the center of the lands, equidistant from the far corners. To her broad streets she attracts the most prominent individuals who are drawn by her fine arts, the temperate climate, and the bustle of the Court. Of late, the court has debated a new standard for its people. Disease and defect have spread among the poor, and the people have clamored for protection from them. Those wounded by fate or circumstance have been banished to Paws, wherein they may live among themselves. The mayor of Britain, who championed this standard, claims victory. The spread of disease, he says, has reduced. Theft has decreased. The economy has grown. Yet, the mayor does not lack opponents. Among the splintered families grows a disquietude that the mayor has sought to silence.

Where that rage finds no false victory, it flies across the Brittany River to the north, to the castle of Lord British. The King, some say, has abandoned his people, for he has not been seen outside the walls of his home for a long time. Though the king continues the tradition of granting a monthly public audience, supplicants are shouted down by those behind them in line. Shortly, the Kind retires to his chanbers to listen to bardic serenades from more romantic times. At the sight of his departing visage, the rage of the people grows. Where is our King?

- from Journal (Ultima IX)

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Ultima IV Edit

U4 Britain

Map of Britain in Ultima IV

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U5 Britain(1)

Britain level 1

U5 Britain(2)

Britain level 2

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Map of Britain in Ultima VI

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Map of Britain in Ultima VII

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Map of Britain in Ultima IX

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Ultima I Edit

  • The Armour Shop of Lord Eldric D'Charbonneux: armoury
  • Li'l Karelia's Finnish Grocery: grocery
  • Mad Chad's Magic Shoppe: spells
  • Pub de Varg: pub
  • Scooter's Super Duper Transport, Inc.: transports
  • The Weapon Shop of Lord Eldric D'Charbonneux: weapon shop

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There are a number of famous sites located in Britannia's capital.

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