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Bone Armour

Bone armour can be found in Ultima IX, but can also be made by Yastar near Valoria. The armour looks quite exotic, but only offers little protection. The pieces are few and far apart, and they are difficult to produce. By the time a full set is available to the Avatar, better armour can already be accessed.

A full set consists of:

Piece Defense Value
Helm 2
Chest 15
Arms 8
Gauntlets 4
Leggings 7
Boots 5


These are the places where the pieces to the bone armour can be found:

  • Helm: Can be made using the instructions found in the mage Yastar's hut west of Valoria, or found in the Dungeon Destard among the dead bodies in the room with the liche.
  • Chest: In the far room of the Telorian temple, where you find the red orb.
  • Arms: Among the dead bodies in the room in Destard with the Liche
  • Gauntlets: Under the desk in the secret room in Samhayne's house (use Ethereal Sight)
  • Leggings: In a chest on an island at 0” 9’N, 63” 11’E
  • Boots: In a chest on an island at 0” 9’N, 63” 11’E


  • Before appearing in Ultima IX, bone armour was already a very common armour in Ultima Online.