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The Blue Boar in Ultima VII

The Blue Boar Tavern in Britain is one of the most renowned establishments of its kind in Britannia. It is famous for its vast selection of food and drink, including their quality of preparation. While enjoying their meals, patrons can also listen to bards performing onstage.

It was originally located in West Britanny in Ultima V, before becoming a part of Britain when the city grew to incorporate Castle Britannia and the Britannys. In Ultima VI, it was here that the Avatar could meet Zoltan. By Ultima VII, the Blue Boar had expanded its premises, adding live music to its program.

The Blue Boar in Ultima III

A tavern called The Blue Boar existed in Moon during Ultima III, though it is not known if they are related.

The Blue Boar also appears in Ultima Online.


In Ultima V, prices were:

Goods Cost
Wine 1gp
Cheese 5gp


  • The prices at the Blue Boar are some of the highest in all of Britannia.
  • The Avatars perform here every evening in Ultima VII.