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Swamp of the Bloody Plains

The Bloody Plains southeast of Minoc consist of two different parts: the wide grassy plains, and the poisonous swamps. This area got its name from the bloody battle in which Exodus' last forces were destroyed there.

In Ultima IV and Ultima V, mandrake root was found in the swamps of the Bloody Plains. After Ultima VI, the swamp widened, taking in a larger portion of the Bloody Plains.


Site of one of Britannia's most savage wars, this desolate region lies sandwiched between two great swamps across the mountains northeast of the village of Cove. The bloodstained soil serves as a timeless memorial to the thousands of brave soldiers who met their fate there. Mages know this area as another of the few places where they can find mandrake root and nightshade.

- from Compendium (Ultima VI)